Bring: a fall poem


for SD and Pond St.

Some intentional choice
of particular flowers
and hanging containers
of sweet good will
bring hummingbirds.
The one that visits
my friend’s deck outlined
in temptation beautifully
lives in flickers,
feeds itself in glimpses.
In an abundant garden
I walk past, there hovers
feather-bright metal art,
the hummingbird god itself,
with long-toothed, triumphant
wings lifted over its earth,
where summer mauve
coneflowers darken into
their own gold-brown eyes,
and blue hydrangeas crackle.
This bird must hold all
my friend’s small gem left
behind in flight, the price
of bearing seasoned witness
from the formal border of time.

I do not know the name of the artist featured throughout this wonderful garden, but I’m a fan.

2 thoughts on “Bring: a fall poem

  1. A beautiful moving poem, and I am honored. And now I know there is metal bright hummingbird to gaze at when the one that flickers leaves me for warmer sweetness. 🙂


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