I have been Creative, while doing other things, throughout my life. Now I think I will refuse to see anything as Not Creative: same life + different frame= different life. Those other things I did include some degrees and some jobs.  I teach at Bunker Hill Community College, freelance about real estate for HomeLight.com, and am an Educator at 18th-century King’s Chapel on the Freedom Trail. I may or may not drink too much coffee and borrow too many library books at once. If you think these things are Not Creative, you’re not doing them right.

My poetry has appeared in two anthologies and several journals so far. I have also written online arts reviews and articles. I have a play in progress and am contemplating some writing on the arts in early America, which I will research as if scholarly but write as if Patrick Henry on crack met The Buddha on the road, pointing to the moon.

The roots of my spirit are backstage in the past at The Rhode Island Shakespeare Theater, and I’ve had the pleasure of working for other New England theaters, notably Sugan.  Met poet Jane Hirshfield and actor Sir Derek Jacobi. Meditated with Thich Nhat Hanh. Plotzed every time. Thank you for reading! Lin A Nulman

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